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Book #1 of the Reluctant Pilgrim Series


“Stephen R. Marriott takes us on a journey through the eyes of Diego, a young guitarist, as he struggles to find his path in life. It’s a touching tale which will not only have you reaching for the next in the series, but maybe your backpack as well.”  – Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author


Diego is drifting. He has been content with living his life in a sun-scorched village that lies on the route of the pilgrim path: The Camino de Santiago. But one stormy night, change is forced upon Diego when his father, Eduardo, the local candyfloss maker, unexpectedly catches him entertaining a captivated crowd with flamenco guitar rhythms. At that moment, Eduardo lets go of the ghosts from his past and realises it’s time for Diego to find his path in life.


Eduardo arranges for Diego to live and work on a farm and sends him on his way with the gift of his old Spanish guitar. Will Diego commit to working on the farm, or will he confront his destiny on the road where a million pilgrims have passed before him? Candyfloss Guitar is Book One of the Reluctant Pilgrim series.

Book #2 of the Reluctant Pilgrim Series


Despite living in a village on the fabled Camino de Santiago, Diego never expected to walk the long-distance pilgrimage. Now weeks later after stopping en-route and recovering from a fever he’s determined to complete his journey to Santiago in northwest Spain and follow his true path to becoming a flamenco guitarist. Although his musical craft is mesmerising to all who hear him play, the life of a flamenco guitarist is a tough one, especially for one who hasn’t had any formal training. Can he even summon the courage to audition or will he end up bitter, drinking too much in the murky shadows of flamenco bars?


Follow Diego as he battles with his demons, meet the people he encounters at their own crossroads and feel the flamenco beating in his heart. This is the sequel to Candyfloss Guitar.

“…should interest anyone with a sense of adventure and curiosity about the wider world.” – Kirkus Reviews

Book #3 of the Reluctant Pilgrim Series


Discover whether Diego is prepared to go all the way on his final road of trials…


The final story in the Reluctant Pilgrim will be available to pre-order by December 2022.

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