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The Reluctant Pilgrim Series

When do you give up on your dreams? That’s the question Diego has been asking himself ever since he started down the mysterious path of the Camino de Santiago, in Spain’s northern reaches; on a quest taking him beyond its mists in pursuit of purpose and place.

Candyfloss Guitar

Will Diego commit to making an honest living, or will he confront his destiny on the road where a million pilgrims have passed before him?

Diego is drifting. He has been content with living his life in a sun-scorched village that lies on the route of the pilgrim path: The Camino de Santiago. But one stormy night, change is forced upon Diego when his father, Eduardo, the local candyfloss maker, unexpectedly catches him entertaining a captivated crowd with flamenco guitar rhythms. At that moment, Eduardo lets go of the ghosts from his past and realises it’s time for Diego to find his life path. Eduardo arranges for Diego to live and work on a farm and sends him on his way with the gift of his old Spanish guitar.

Combining life lessons and adventure, Candyfloss Guitar, challenges us to search inside ourselves and commit to our personal quest.

The story is book one of the Reluctant Pilgrim series and at 60 pages can be read in just under two hours!

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Coming Soon – Santiago’s Guitar

Kill your dreams or keep walking? Coming soon book two of the Reluctant Pilgrim series.


“It’s a novella that is easily relatable to anyone in this world who is figuring, who they are, and their purpose in life. It has all the words it needs to be an inspiring journey and a great read. I would definitely recommend reading this.”

Alyssa Bergman
Amazon Reviewer

“This book has given me inspiration. I have lost my dreams and passions and lost sight of love. But it has shown me that I need to push on regardless. Make everything I ever dreamt come true.”

Ashley Hoffman
Goodreads Reviewer

“This could make another great cultural movie, or mini TV series.”

Tony Parsons
Amazon Reviewer

“Read this yesterday whilst sitting in the sun. It evoked lots of images of Spain for me and I could feel the sunshine coming through the page.”

Mark Chamberlin
Goodreads Reviewer